Do Not Press This Button

The human mind is a strange thing, says Seth Godin. (well, we all knew that, didn’t we?) Click here and have a look why he says so – it’s like an itch, you just can’t stop!

Spamroll leaves an interesting comment, “I say it is half the reason we have so many infected computers.” We’re just too damn curious to find out what will happen next, what’s behind that closed door or that red button, even if deep inside we actually know it’s bound to be either dangerous or pointless and a waste of time. And if we’ve already invested seconds or minutes, we feel we deserve a result.

Can YOU resist?

One thought on “Do Not Press This Button

  1. Caotou

    C’est malade ça, j’ai pas pu m’en empêcher, j’a clické jusqu’à ce que ça recommence au début…

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