The Prompt of Doom: Having too many logins

“You know the one I mean; when you visit some site that you haven’t been to for a while, long enough that you’ve changed browsers or something expired, and it asks you for your your username and password and you don’t have the vaguest idea, so you guess, and the browser says “Remember this username/password?” I always get a sinking sensation, knowing that my immediate future probably contains email confirmations (which will probably end up in the spambucket) and half-forgotten password (is the answer case-sensitive or not?) hints. I confess to rankly superstitious behavior, telling the browser “No, don’t remember it.” in the hopes that the general orneriness of things will cause me to guess right. I know some Internet Identity gurus, and they say “It’s about so much more than single sign-on”, but dammit, do I ever want single sign-on; and I can’t be the only one.”

That quote is taken from ongoing, and what can I say? The man’s right.

How many passwords do you reckon you have in total? After a quick count, I’m up to well over 50 almost-daily-use login/password combinations I need to use on a daily basis. And, in fact, I’ve left most work-related ones out of that number. No matter how many hours of brain training I spend with Dr. Kawashima, I still can’t remember them all.

One thought on “The Prompt of Doom: Having too many logins

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