I love and I loathe

This used to be on the About Me page, but I’ve decided to move it and make room for other stuff on there. Just like I can’t bring myself to throw out anything that could potentially be useful when doing a Spring cleaning, I can’t bring myself to delete posts altogether, so I’ve moved it here.

I love…

  • People who just ooze good mood for no apparent reason and seem to brighten the room
  • Strong coffee – just one a day, thanks, otherwise I’m up in the curtains
  • Shiny new gadgets
  • Blogging – I’ve got a big gob, I need to tell everyone about everything. By blogging it, at least it’s up to the reader to get to the end of the story. When you’re listening to me, you’re a bit stuck because I’m unlikely to shut up anytime soon…
  • Clever marketing and ad campaigns – They don’t always take big bucks, they just take some clever thinking.
  • People who challenge my ideas – I used to feel intimidated by them, but now I love a good devil’s advocate to make me look at all aspects of an idea.
  • My amazing family – Being this far from home can be tough, especially when your family is as cool and completely wacky as mine is. They don’t seem to hold it against me that I’ve decided to settle down on the wrong side of the Pond, but I’m sorry anyways.

I loathe…

  • People who smell funky at 9am – didn’t it cross your mind that you should have a shower before leaving for work?
  • The feeling you get after eating McDonalds or Burger King for the first time in a couple of years, a bit like a brick in your stomach
  • Driving – Ok, maybe not “loathe” anymore, but it still creeps the living hell out of me to be in a moving heap of metal at 100mph. The creepiest part is that people trust ME to be in control of it. I don’t mind the 100mph when some other people I trust are driving!
  • My shitty memory – How am I supposed to remember all those logins and passwords?
  • Ironically, adverts. I get excited about good marketing and advertising campaigns, but I still detest adverts on TV. Especially the ones for loans or claims against your employer. That’s why I watch and listen to the BBC most of the time!
  • People who aren’t careful with their stuff – You know, you lend that brand new DVD to a friend and it comes back with the box tatty and the disc scratched? And they don’t explain or apologise, because to them, it’s “normal wear and tear”, because they’re not particular with their own belongings.

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