Shiny Shiny's new tech columnist

Shiny ShinyI’ve been itching to tell you about this for a while, but wanted to keep it under wraps until it was really happening. But now, I can officially say it – I’ve started writing for Shiny Shiny: A Girl’s Guide to Gadgets.

First post about women and gadgets went live this morning, so have a look and tell me what you think! And have a look at all the funky gadget reviews on Shiny, there’s some good stuff in there.

5 thoughts on “Shiny Shiny's new tech columnist

  1. pa

    Très bien .direct,humoristique,!
    Je suis sûrement dans le 75% des BBoomers. Même si j’en ai pas besoin, j’aime lire sur les gadgets. Je fais ensore mes projets de musique sur Power Mac 7200 avec une HPdeskjet 500 ( 1990?) Ça fonctionne pour les besoins. Je pourrais mème enlever OS9 et installer OS8; ce modèle ira plus vite?

    Bravo pour ta curiosité technologique..Tout a commencé avec Ottawa Freenet et SE30?

    Si tu fais un truc sur les mots de passe, je fais sûrement profiter de quelques conseils. xo

  2. Hal

    Very interesting first post. It’s good there are people, specifically women, to discuss it as well.

    I bet a lot of people have bought Macs just for the style, not knowing the underlying OS is different.

    Then again, now we’ve got Basecamp, people could install Windows. I’m not sure why they’d want to–but they could 😉

  3. Vero

    I’m guessing you mean BootCamp, Hal? 😉

    There’s no doubt that a number of people bought Macs, in particular during the iMac colourful era, for the sake of design. But hopefully these people have learned to appreciate the OS as well along the way!

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