How to ruin your day in one easy step

This sounds like the alarm clock from hell.

Clocky the annoying clock“Hit the snooze button on this carpet covered Clocky and it will scoot off on its pram wheels, seeking out a suitable hiding place (which will inevitably be right under the bed). When your snooze time is up, Clocky’s alarm will make merry hell under you, panicked and disorientated, locate its hiding place and switch the alarm off.”

I don’t use the snooze button much (usually set the alarm for 6:45am, and get up at 6:50 when the first snooze ends), but it doesn’t sound like a nice way to start the day. Might as well wash your face with hot chilli oil and brush your teeth with toilet cleaner while you’re at it.

Plus it kind of looks like a poop on wheels, which can’t be a selling point, really! 😉

[Found via Katie at Shiny Shiny]

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