Brand envy: The innocent fruit drinks

You know what, I think I’ve got brand envy. It’s a bit like penis envy, but it’s specific to marketers rather than men (though men working in marketing can have both, I imagine).

I envy the innocent brand. There, I said it. I feel a bit better already.

Innocent SmoothiesTo put how I feel simply, think of for a moment. Most Brits will know of their hot pink logo and omnipresent uhh… presence, when travelling around London in particular. In my mind, they’re the bad guys – not because in my daytime work environment, they’re considered competition, nothing to do with that. It’s because on the scale of genuine brand hipness, they’re at the very end of the “Trying too hard” extreme with their advertising and brand positioning. Quite at the other end of the scale, I feel the innocent brand is surrounded by an aura of natural hipness.

Now I know this is all perception, and the team at innocent are probably working just as hard to make their brand work, but they’re doing it like ducks – pedaling madly underwater, looking calm and composed above the surface. The pieces fit together perfectly – product, print and billboard ads, tv ads, PR. I bet it’s one fantastic and creative team of ducks to work with as well!

What prompted me to write this was finding out that innocent organises a free music festival in Regent’s Park, and it’s called, wait for it, Fruitstock. Normally, if I saw a name like that, I’d probably bash my head against a hard brick wall until I forgot I’d ever heard it, but in this case, it’s just… cute. It just fits right.

That brand as a whole fits within the same category of things that give me that feeling of happy-hippy-dreamy lightness that I get from summer-print prom dresses, listening to Corinne Bailey Rae or watching the little giant girl video.

Brands change and people change, but I hope innocent keeping doing things this well.

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