Tom & Jerry say smoking is bad

Listening to Radio 1 this morning, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing:

Children’s TV channel Boomerang is to edit scenes from Tom and Jerry cartoons where characters are shown smoking. The move follows an investigation by media watchdog Ofcom into a viewer’s complaint that the vintage animations were not appropriate for young viewers.

Allow me to echo Chris Moyles’ amazement. We’re talking about one viewer complaining, a full investigation and a plan by Boomerang to “edit those cartoons where smoking appears to be “condoned, acceptable or glamorised”.

Tom & JerryWe’re talking about a cartoon where the main premise is that a talking cat and mouse are trying to kill each other. That’s it. It’s the whole plot direction of every episode. But noooo, let’s worry about the smoking cat.

I certainly don’t condone smoking, but A BLUE CAT AND A MOUSE aren’t the role models we should worry about, in my very humble opinion. I moved to the UK to get AWAY from the ridiculous “blame the media” North American attitude, so please, Britain, do not adopt it too. Kids will smoke because they’re curious, because their neighbour’s older brother smokes, because they think it’ll make them look grownup. NOT BECAUSE A BLUE CAT IS SMOKING!

What a waste of money and energy. How about using the editing funds towards making modern cartoon a bit less crap instead?

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