Look, Ma! I'm in The Guardian!

Tom & Jerry article in The GuardianYes, that is correct. I found out last night I had been quoted on page TWO of the Guardian newspaper. Of course, completely baffled why that could be, I ran down to Sainsburys in the rain and picked up a copy.

It turns out Ben Rooney, who writes the Today on the web feature for the Guardian and picked up a selection of comments about the Tom & Jerry smoking ban, and mine is the top quote! Click on the thumbnail to read the full feature.

I always say that journalists who quote bloggers are journalists who didn’t do their homework and are getting last-minute sources online, but in this case, thanks for not doing your homework, Ben! 😉

Thanks to Glenda from Corrieblog for pointing this out to me, as I probably would’ve missed out on it altogether otherwise.

Being a blogger and getting recognition, however small, in the traditional media is quite a boost for the morale. I doubt it’ll bring me any more readers or make even the remotest of differences, but it still feels great.

4 thoughts on “Look, Ma! I'm in The Guardian!

  1. mandy

    Sure it feels great, i think, when a paper pays attention to your blog. Well even in the Netherlands i can read that paper, which i didn’t but..
    Now i jumped onto the web and i found someone which blog is quoted in The Guardian. I like that!! In my country there’s also a paper which pays sometimes a little bit attention on blogs so i’m waiting now.

    bye bye
    mandy, amsterdam.

  2. pa

    Je lis les autres ‘…’ et le tien est le plus complet ..La formation classique de l’argumentation? En passant, Julie fait un gros dodo à Rockland…Merci 1000 fois!
    Bye xoxo

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