Peps Media: Doing what we do best even better

For the past few years, I’ve been thinking it’d be great to have my own business projects and work for myself. While I’m not there yet, we’ve taken our first steps towards it by setting up Peps Media, our own web design and online marketing company.

Peps MediaIn reality, we’ll be doing what we’ve been doing for years; helping people websites and small applications, writing content and building themselves a strong identity. It’s just that now, we’re focussing our energies to do it on a larger scale. And it also means we need an accountant to tell us what to do with all that paperwork…

I’d like to believe we are not only skilled at what we do, but we love it. We both feel so strongly about our own areas of interest, I hope we can inspire other businesses to have an online presence that’s not average or good, but great, for it to reflect the rest of their business.

To share news and give coaching to those new to online marketing, I’ll be posting blogging, marketing and branding tips on the Peps Media blog.

Here are some of the services we offer, but it doesn’t end there. If you think you’d like to speak to us about it, or know someone who does, get in touch.

  • Web site design
  • Blog setup and creation of bespoke templates
  • Coaching for corporate bloggers
  • Brand positioning and logo design
  • Copywriting and document review
  • Search Engine Optimisation

One thought on “Peps Media: Doing what we do best even better

  1. Cha

    Félicitations pour être allé de l’avant et d’avoir passé à l’action! Y’a tellement de gens qui disent qui font le faire et qui le font jamais!

    Le meilleur des succès dans vos aspirations!

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