Some Americans are completely bonkers

A year ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. A man, credited with having rescued 200 people immediately after the flood, is now being sued for his quick action and heroic act. Why? Because he nicked an idle boat to go help these people.

“The owner of that boat is now suing Morice for using the craft to save fellow citizens’ lives “without receiving permission,” and claims “grief, mental anguish, embarrassment and suffering . . . due to the removal of the boat.” It seems no good deed goes un-sued,” says Boing Boing today.

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but I don’t believe anyone would be mad enough to sue over something like this anywhere else in the world. This man stole a boat out of desperation to help others, not because he fancied going boat-joyriding around the lake. Even if he’d only saved only one person, even a cat or a dog, he’d still have done it for the good of others!

The Times Picayune newspaper sheds a bit more light on why Lyons, the boat owner, decided to sue, claiming he believed Morice acted as he did only to promote his law practice. He also claims Morice should have at least left a note and returned the boat after use. Well, geez, next time there’s a life-threatening hurricane, we’ll all make sure we bring pen and paper along.

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