The Crocodile Hunter is dead

Steve IrwinI read it on WWTDD, then confirmed it on BBC News and it’s true. Steve Irwin, who was internationally known for his close interactions with dangerous animals and for his work to protect the Australian wildlife, was killed by a sting ray barb to the chest while filming a documentary in Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

One can only assume he died doing what he loved, and there’s no doubt he’ll be remembered for his stunts as much as his documentaries. He probably was the one to put Australia on the map for many North Americans. The stuff of legends.

2 thoughts on “The Crocodile Hunter is dead

  1. Steve

    Although I’m sorry that he has died I do feel that he set a terrible example of how to treat animals. Interfering, grabbing, prodding etc of animals for no other reason than to show off is not a good thing.

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