Over this way!

A few days ago, I bought a new domain, thatcanadiangeek.co.uk, for a laugh. The plan, sort of, is to divide my marketing, advertising and techy banter from the personal thoughts, photos and other bits.

At the moment, I’m using a WordPress template I found in the Themes bin, but that may… or may not… be temporary.

I’ll most likely cross-post between the two blogs, but at least it means I’ll be able to keep the business rubbish in one place, and the sentimental family guff separate. Now the question is: Will I manage to keep both updated regularly enough or will one of them die? Well, having met a bunch of bloggers, writers and freelancers in the flesh recently, I feel I’ve got a new breath of life and a renewed interest into blogging my ideas.

So here we go, the birth of thatcanadiangeek, an affirmation of my hopeless geekiness.

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