One day at the time

At the moment, life seems to be whizzing by frighteningly quickly. Every evening is busy with this or that, and weekends, well… those are booked up until about October 2018!

But thankfully, we’ll be taking the slow lane shortly, visiting Canada to see family and friends for a week. A week already spent celebrating will be doubly celebratory by being interspersed with both Andrew’s birthday and mine. He’s turning 29 on Saturday, and I’m turning the god-awful quarter-of-a-century on Tuesday.

I’ll try to take plenty of photos while in Canada, since I’ve fallen in love with Andrew’s 350D camera, and hopefully post them as I go. We all know if I don’t do it on the fly, it’ll just never happen when I get back home. I’ll try to do a series on Ottawa as I remember it, and one on Montreal when we go for the day to see a few friends.

I’m knackered, I need to go into sleep, eat, relax, no schedule mode for a bit. Oh and I need a beer. Now.

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