Canada trip summary

Feeling jetlagged and a bit too tired to put together full sentences, I’ll just summarise it and post pictures tomorrow.

  • Saturday: Pre-travel celebrations for Andrew’s birthday at his parents’ place and at Chow’s in Westerham (highly recommended! It’s soooo nice!)
  • Sunday: Suitcases packed from the day before, mild hangover from the previous evening, flight out at 3pm, preceded by too much waiting around and some McDonalds at Gatwick (bad idea). Uneventful flight, and arrival in Montreal that evening. Relaxed evening with my family in Rockland.
  • Monday: Walk in the Ottawa Market around lunchtime, taking loads of pictures and just enjoying being in my old environment – it’s just like finding that old pair of slippers you loved, it just fits. Visit to the Museum of Civilizations in Hull to see Deep Sea (narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet) and visit the museum. Dinner in Rockland and relaxing evening by the fire outside.
  • Tuesday: Family get together at my sister’s place for my birthday in the evening. I know we did something during the day too, but it’s escaping me at the moment…
  • Wednesday: Andrew’s parents head off to Niagara Falls & Toronto for three days on their own. They don’t get lost once! Impressive! Complete blank as to what we did on Wednesday… What’s wrong with my head??
  • Thursday: Day out to Montreal with my parents and Andrew. We meet up with my friend Michelle for lunch, visit the Montreal Biodome and the Fine Arts Museum. Long drive home, gotta love Decarie at rush hour.
  • Friday: Go have a gigantic breakfast with Andrew and Louis at Chez Cora in Orleans. Get told off by my sister for going without her. Nice evening hanging out at Jo & Louis’ place, playing voice-activated Bomberman on three Nintendo DS’s… BOOM!
  • Saturday: Family party – 35ish relatives from both my mom and my dad’s sides of the family. Lots of food, drink and chatting. Got to meet Catou’s boyfriend Joe – he passes the test and gets my seal of approval (I mean, the guy’s gotta be good if he doesn’t get scared by us singing RENT from beginning to end or by family parties…)
  • Sunday: Departure is starting to loom heavily, but still one full day in town. Visit of a few art exhibitions held in my mom & grandma’s artist friends’ houses. Visit of my grandmother’s house for the last time before it’s sold off, it was tough to say goodbye but I’m glad I had the opportunity to see it again.
  • Monday: Changes of plans from hell, but we finally fly out at 7pm.
  • Tuesday: How did Tuesday get here so quickly!? We’re back in the UK, jetlagged up to our very bloodshot eyeballs and dying for some sleep.

*Scratches head* Talking about sleep, time for some right about now. Cheerios!

PS – Apologies to everyone I didn’t get the chance to see. A week’s so short for a trip back home!

3 thoughts on “Canada trip summary

  1. Jowel

    Yo! Dimanche était à la roulotte. Les expositions c’était samedi. 😛

    J’espère que le retour à la routine est pas troooop tough.


  2. Pa

    Super ton voyage..avec nous!!!Kathy et Roy sont charmats et facile à jaser!! Je lit ton blog un peu sur le tard mais je pense à toi..à vous ..souvent! Pa qui hug Vero et Andrew!!

  3. Maman

    Hey, t’as oublié le lunch au St-Eloi etla visite au Casino et Hilton du Lac Lemay. C’était super de vous avoir avec nous toute la semaine. xoxo

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