Lost: Season II pissed me off

So tonight, we watched last night’s Lost: Season II double-bill finale. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen the finale, instead I’ll just save them a couple of hours and tell them not to bother watching it.

LostRather than giving people a cliffhanger, it’s just giving me a cliffjumper (that “just give up, jump off the cliff and get it over with, already” feeling). I think I need to find myself a new guilty pleasure, a less-bad series to watch and get into. I think Andrew’s vaguely enjoying the thrill of wondering what’s going to happen next, but I’ve grown somewhat bored of it.

Now, before people chime in telling me to watch 24 because-it’s-so-much-better, please understand I have an aversion to Kiefer Sutherland and an allergy to made-up bullshit technical terms. The only interest I find in watching 24 is evaluating how much product placement can be crammed into an hour of TV.

Oh and while I’m at it, I’ll thank the Gods of Sky Plus for allowing me to skip through the adverts while watching Lost. I’d get so aggravated if I had to watch the show when it’s broadcasted, but thankfully I can regain about 15 minutes of my life every time by skipping through the 118 118 adverts and other rubbish.

So all in all, I’m tempted to give up on TV altogether. Way too much crap and hardly anything worth watching. Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen USA is mildly entertaining, but only because I enjoy seeing Americans get their egos bashed by an angry Brit.

Anyone got anything less mind-numbing to recommend as slightly-guilty TV pleasure? I’ve had a few recommendations (Prison Break anyone?), but have forgotten most, leaving me with the first season of Dr. Who to catch up with and a lot of time to do more productive things.

5 thoughts on “Lost: Season II pissed me off

  1. Angela

    Well I love the L Word but it’s possible that it only appeals to very specific tastes. If you really want to lose a few weeks of your life you could go through all the X-files episodes.

  2. Hal

    Prison Break is another one of those “jump off cliff” ones. I watched every episode, but it seemed at the end they were just milking the plot.

    I only watch comedy things: Extras, Scrubs (new series E4 Thursdays).

  3. Lisa

    I hear ya, sister! Not only did Lost make my brain explode, my bloody Sky+ box was acting up all through the last 2 episodes, so the sound kept cutting out. You thought it was hard enough to follow WITH the sound?! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  4. Pa

    Sounds like everybody needs to do exercice ..like walking an imaginary dog..or read a good book..or watch documentaries on global warming..Bonne semaine!!

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