Daily Mail journo angers "googlers and bloggers"

Now, I won’t be the first to comment on this. He’s already angered Kat, Andy, Ashley and a number of other bloggers.

So who’s this man? He’s Keith Waterhouse (see the 2nd article) , an aging technophobe who writes for one of the country’s best fish & chips paper provider, uhh, newspaper I mean.

Keith babbles “Seasoned googlers, of whom there is already a vast tribe, are nerds, anoraks and braces-wearers of the worst sort who spend every working moment searching the infernal engine for other people’s blogs.”

Having read the full article, I found it completely daft that someone managed to publish such a pile of shit in a national newspaper. I have no problems whatsoever with people having a dig at bloggers. After all, if everyone embraced the blogging revolution, we’d have nothing left to make us feel cutting-edge, avant-guarde and fresh.

But having a dig at “googlers”? Either he doesn’t understand the name (which, at the ripe age of 77 would be quite normal, no offence intended here!) or he truly thinks that the millions of people, seasoned Internet users or not, who use Google are all “brace-wearing nerds”!

In the first instance, I would usually find it quite sweet that someone of an older demographic at least attempts to join the social conversation on the topic of search engines, however misinformed, but we’re talking about a paper with a circulation of 2.3 million here. Even bloggers with a pool of a few thousand visitors will check their sources before publishing something, but clearly that’s not one of Keith’s worries.

What can I say, I find it boggling that an editor allowed such misinformed rubbish to be published!

One thought on “Daily Mail journo angers "googlers and bloggers"

  1. Hal

    I too read the article.

    The Daily Mail has gone downhill a lot itself. The Mail on Sunday is especially atrocious.

    I find blogs offer a lot more in the way of science, true personality (not just a deliberately controversial stance) and technology.

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