Some light Friday relief

Now, I’m not one to usually blog about my dayjob much. Or about coworkers. It’s never that great an idea.

But today, I’ll have to thoroughly break that rule, and share the laughs on this one. This is what happens when we let some of our dev geeks out to play.

“What happens when you go out for the day, spend several hours at a charity Dragon boat race (whilst having a couple, and I do mean a couple, of beers), then head off to a local pub for several more beers and then decide to head off for a curry on your bike while wearing flip-flops . . .”

Thanks Taz & Adam for the clip – Pure gold!

3 responses to “Some light Friday relief

  1. Gosh – how entirely unlike him! 🙂

  2. Pa

    I hope his dad didn’t teach him how to ride a bike?!
    Bonne fin-de-semaine!!

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