Vanilla, the beloved

On this lovely relaxing Saturday afternoon, the foodie in me has been let out. I’ve just ordered 20 vanilla pods from an online store based on the island of Mayotte (near Madagascar), after reading about it on Clotilde’s blog. The foodies will agree that 20 pods is… a lot! Enough for a multitude of tasty dishes!

Andrew isn’t even aware of this yet – he’ll find out either from reading this, or when I make the biggest batch of vanilla sugar cookies he’s ever seen!

I’ll be on the hunt for as many recipes as possible calling for vanilla, so if you have recommendations, please make them known! This is going to be so exciting – I can’t wait!!

For the foodies, here’s the Vanille de Mayotte store. It’s in French but they respond to emails in English if you’re so enclined, and they ship worldwide.

[Edit: Added the link a few days later – forgot to link to the shop!!]

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