Ugg boots to be "in" again this winter?

I’m not exactly a fashionista myself, but I do like finding out from the likes of Gemma and Kat what the current fashion is all about.

However, today I thought I’d take some tips from Heather Hopkins at Hitwise. According to her recent research, searches for Ugg boots have increased six-fold compared to the same time last year – the chart is worth having a look at. She’s even managed to pin-point the most popular colours this season – “raisin” followed by black.

“Did the recent cold-spell cause the surge? There is a definite seasonal pattern in searches for “ugg boots” […] Searches for “ugg boots” peaked later in 2005 – in the week ending 26th November 2005, but last week’s peak exceeded the peak from 2005 by 69%.”

So, should we all run out and go buy a few pairs in case stocks run out? Like Heather, I think I’ll pass on this trend, as I’ve done in the past with leggings and skinny jeans, thankyouverymuch.

21 thoughts on “Ugg boots to be "in" again this winter?

  1. jacinta

    hi girls
    i used to live in London and had no need for UGG boots there – but now i live in rural Powys and these boots may be UGGLY but believe they are absolutely essential when climbing Pen Y Fan with the schnauzer and 2 kids in tow
    up to my eyes in it
    ugg lover Powys
    jacinta xxxxxxx

  2. Vero

    Bimble: Uggs are gigantic flat-footed mocassion-like boots made in rather unflattering shapes. However, because a few models can pull the look off, every girl has started wearing them in the past few winters.

    Rosie: Whatever you want, my dear! But I still don’t get the hype…

    They do all sorts now, but this is the classic boot.

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  4. jan the nan

    I’m 61 years old and have just discovered Uggs !!!! I live in london and although it isn’t freezing it get’s pretty cold this time of year and Uggs are so warm and comfy, if i’m also in fashion so much the better, i’m a definate convert.

  5. sassy

    Uggs are the best & even my husband wears them!! Sadly they’re really hard to find this winter & some stores have raised the price to £200!!! If you can’t find any check out a really cool shop in camden market called serendipity!! I got my Uggs there last week at £130!!!! they’ve got lther struff too! i don’t know id they’ve still got them but try asking –

  6. Emily

    I’m by no means a fashionista but a kiwi friend of mine introduced me to Uggs (well the new zealand equivalent) and omg there the most comfortable and warm footwear I’ve ever had! I absolutely adore my ugg boots and am already planning on buying my next pair

  7. Amy

    The New Zealand version of Uggs are as warm and comfortable as you’re ever likely to find. Really good quality. And you can get a pair sent to you from New Zealand for as little as 60 pounds (post inc). Check them out.

  8. katrina

    I’ll never give up my cozy sheepskin boots. I just wear them anywhere inside and outside. Got 3 models so far 😉

    I agree with Amy, I think I bought mine at the same shop…

  9. David

    Suppliers over here in Australia actually did run of of stock last winter and were unable to manufacture enough to take up the slack either. Having learned the lesson, everyone is more prepared this year.

    Judging by the southern hemisphere’s appetite for uggys this winter, I think we’re going to see another bumper ugg boots year again across the northern hemisphere this Christmas period.

  10. sassy

    omigod… is it really that time again!! Just seen the new collection of Uggs @

    Prices have dropped to £120 for Classic Tall & £100 for short prs!!!

    i’ve machine washed my old chestnut pr & they look great – but am buying another colour for my collection this winter!

  11. chris


  12. Conrad

    Looks like ugg boots just continue to get more and more popular. My theory is that ugg boots may only continue to have a limited “fashion” lifetime, but due to their pure comfort and warmth the many people who may have bought them for fashion motivated reasons will become permanent converts and continue to buy them.

  13. sassy

    I so agree with Conrad – once you’ve worn Uggs there’s nothing like them! I’ve also found a good use for my really old pair – walking my dog early mornings!! The other dog walkers are stomping their feet but my tootsies are warm as toast!

    By the way Chrissie, in case you couldn’t find serendipity – I should have mentioned they moved to shop number 636 in Camden Stables Market (Chalk Farm Rd) because a lot of the really old part of the Stables Market has been closed to build yet another shopping mall!!! It’s really sad to see what they’ve done to it!

  14. chris

    I think Ugg boots look fantastic on everybody warm and comfortable, the sheepskin copycats are great too, my daughter has got the Uggs and the primark boots that are just like them but with laces they both look really good one pair cost 179 pounds and the other pair a tenner………..

  15. Boredofthehighstreet


    Great blog. I am amazed that some people are not aware of what uggs are. Anyway, I am running a competition at for Vip tickets to creamfields which also includes a pair of Uggs and wondered whether your readers would be interested. Im sure they would.

    I have just started my blog and really need to get some exposure. Anyway good luck.

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