Hot news and cool stuff

So there’s no denying it, I’ve been swept off my feet with work and have really been neglecting blogging. There’s been more stuff than ever I’ve been wanting to write, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and compose a real entry, so here it is, all jumbled, braindump-like and unedited…


Pepsmedia could hardly be doing any better than it is at the moment; we’re working on and lining up some fantastic projects, which I’ll be showing off in a few days once we update the portfolio. Andrew’s getting to exercise his geeky skills, and I’m having to stretch my organisational muscles. Let’s just say keeping things tidy on paper or in my head doesn’t come naturally! But, as they say, practice makes perfect!

Personal, social

Social life has been pretty non-existent these days, with only a cheeky pint after work or a Sunday lunch being fit into the schedule for the sake of our sanity. The White Horse Inn, in Withersfield, was an excellent lunch choice on Sunday, I must say – The homemade desserts were amazing, especially that cheesecake, yum!

Looking forward to Christmas time for parties, and time to socialise and relax…

Gadgets and goodies

Soooo I’ve never been one to resist when I find a gadget I really fancy… and I may have gone a wee bit OTT recently.

Today was a success, managing to order a Nintendo Wii in the 7 minutes it was on sale for on before going out of stock!

Secondly, due for arrival next week is my new MacBook, which I just can’t wait to get! It’s a thing of beauty, and I just can’t wait for it to arrive.

And finally, the quirky, very kawaii treat to myself – a Nabaztag/tag bunny (ordered from It’s a wi-fi enabled little character that interacts with you, repeats your friends’ messages and that can be programmed to do pretty much anything. More on this one once it’s arrived.

Yep, that’s that! It’s been great fun living at this pace, but phew, relaxing at Christmas will be very very welcome!

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