Google Calendar SMS alerts

There’s no denying it, Google Calendar is fantastic for shared calendars and keeping track of projects when using multiple computers. And I was thrilled to discover the free SMS reminder service, where I can get a text message to remind me of events I’ve entered in my personal calendar.

The bit I’m slightly less thrilled about is the fact that any all-day entries to the calendar result in a 5am wake up call from Google. Does anyone else find 5am to be a ridiculous time to set the default to? It’s particularly unnerving when reminders arrive to Andrew’s phone… “Message from the dark side, there is!”

A quick look at the Help discussion area shows that no solution has been provided to allow people to change the default time to something more decent, like 7am. I mean, who needs 5am reminders? My guess is that more North Americans tend to silence or turn off their phones at night?

If anyone comes across a solution, other than entirely turning off reminders or setting those in a calendar other than the primary one, please let me know!

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