They may be UGG-ly, but they're popular

*Throws self to the ground in desperation*

It seems Heather’s forecast on Ugg boots being popular again this winter wasn’t a fluke, and wasn’t a local thing either. Bill, also from Hitwise, confirms that the trend has been set in the US as well. It’s a worldwide plague!

Oh well… it’ll give the Fug girls plenty of blogging fodder this winter!

8 responses to “They may be UGG-ly, but they're popular

  1. I actually saw a girl wearing Ugg boots this afternoon in Farnham, and I wouldn’t have know if it hadn’t been for here…. admittedly all I could think was; “isn’t she cold in this weather not wearing a coat, oh!! Ugg boots!!” which I think just shows that I’m getting old…. *sigh*

  2. Chantal

    Nothing to do with Ugg boots –

    Simplement pour te souhaiter de très joyeuses fêtes!
    Ho ho ho! 🙂

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  4. Australia too, and we manufacture them over here! This year we’re a little bit more prepared for the substantially increased demand, even over last year…

  5. Conrad

    I reckon the comfort and warmth factor for ugg boots is at play – they may indeed be ugly – but they are perhaps the most comfortable footwear available.

  6. Just an update on demand for ugg boots – our online shop has had triple the traffic per day so far this month from October. Looks like the ugg boot phenomenom (is that how you spell it?) rolls on

  7. Move away from ugg boots and over to EMU boots. Actually made by an Australian company and much better prcied too.

  8. Another very busy year with ugg boots for our online shop. Maybe with the global meltdown people will want to wear their ugg boots and save on heating!

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