8 thoughts on “They may be UGG-ly, but they're popular

  1. Bimble

    I actually saw a girl wearing Ugg boots this afternoon in Farnham, and I wouldn’t have know if it hadn’t been for here…. admittedly all I could think was; “isn’t she cold in this weather not wearing a coat, oh!! Ugg boots!!” which I think just shows that I’m getting old…. *sigh*

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  3. David

    Australia too, and we manufacture them over here! This year we’re a little bit more prepared for the substantially increased demand, even over last year…

  4. Conrad

    I reckon the comfort and warmth factor for ugg boots is at play – they may indeed be ugly – but they are perhaps the most comfortable footwear available.

  5. Ugg Boots Fan

    Just an update on demand for ugg boots – our online shop has had triple the traffic per day so far this month from October. Looks like the ugg boot phenomenom (is that how you spell it?) rolls on

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