I've been tagged: Five things

Only four sleeps left until Christmas. Motivation to do anything is rather low. Distractions are welcome. And then I get tagged by Matt! Well, how could I resist?

Five things you (probably) didn’t know about me:

  1. I once went straight from an all-night rave to singing in an early Sunday morning classical concert at the National Gallery in Ottawa. I only just had time to shower and change from oversized jeans and sparkly stuff into white blouse and black pencil skirt. I promptly fell asleep the moment we went off stage.
  2. I met my British husband online, on xvi.com to be precise *cringe*
  3. I may be Canadian, but I know nothing of English-language Canadian music. I bet my British musicophile colleagues could name more Canadian bands than I can.
  4. As a child, I was a very evil older sister. I’d regularly throw things to the floor and ask one of my three younger sisters to pick them up, just to establish my authority!
  5. I still own, and wear, cartoon underpants sometimes. My favourite ones have a lion and pink paws on them (and you probably didn’t want to know that!)
  6. I can’t count very well…

I’m now tagging Lisa, Mat, Liz, and two writers from the same blog, Steph and Annabel.

4 thoughts on “I've been tagged: Five things

  1. Pa

    Fa la la la la la …C’est l’esprit de Noêl qui t’inspire à partager ces histoires!?! Je garde un droit de censure , ok?? (rire) Le sbas de Noël sont sur le mur, mais tout est simplifié…On a dit aux filles : Pas de cadeaux. venez passer du temps à maison et on va popoter et jaser , et coucher à maison. On fait des cadeaux pratiques et on jasera.

  2. JulZ

    Aye j’essaie de me rappeler des mots de “Le père-Noël s’en va en traîneau avec ses guerlooots, y pogne une bosse pis y s’pète les deux gosses sul’bord du traîneauuu!”

    C’est quoi le reste?

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