Torchwood comes back for a second season

It was announced over a week ago that the Doctor Who spin-off show, Torchwood, will come back for a second season. It took me a week to post it, but I was thrilled to hear about it. Especially that it’ll be back on BBC Two instead of BBC Three – it’s moving up the rungs!

The first season of Torchwood started a bit slow, which is a shame, as I get the impression it has lost it a big chunk of viewers. After 3-4 weeks, it started getting really good and now it’s just excellent. John Barrowman is a great Jack Harkness (and all-round lurvly, Gemma & Kat would agree!) but he still doesn’t quite have David Tennant’s charisma. I can’t wait for the second season of that, and the third season of good ol’ Doctor Who! [Fine, for the finnickity ones, third season of the NEW series, I know there were tons before]

As a total aside, BBC really aren’t doing themselves any favours with the impossible search across their websites. I have no doubt the archives are filled with great content, but it’s impossible to find anything! Searching is particularly awkward, and the oddest off-topic results come up, but navigation as a whole is difficult. Why wouldn’t they put more energy towards successfully distributing their great content?

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