Merry Christmas to you all!

Just wanted to drop you a short note to wish you all a fabulous Christmas, filled with lots of relaxation time, with family and friends, and lots of good food, drinks and fun presents!

We’ve just opened most of our presents, and I think everyone’s very pleased with what they’ve got. I received the Doctor Who Season 1 box set from Andrew, and some lovely La Senza pyjamas from the in-laws (which, it turns out, I already owned a pair of, but LS has so much nice stuff, it’ll be easy to swap!).

I gave Andrew some very low-tech presents this year, going for the Articulate board game, and some artsy stuff – a box of Derwent sketching pencils and sticks, a large box of Derwent pastel pencils and two sketchbooks. Even if he ends up using them to sketch out websites, it’ll still be some nice time away from the screen!

So I’m raising a glass of port to all of you, have a great Christmas! Now, get off the computer, and go spend some family time! 😉

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