Funny Google Searches: "Looking Back at 2006" Edition

It’s been a long time since I published some of my favourite Google search results landing people onto my blog, so after reading Google’s own end-of-year Zeitgeist, I thought this would be a great opportunity to pick and choose some of the funniest search keywords from 2006 (since top keywords are a bit too boring in this case).

  • “airplanes games”: As long as they don’t involve saying “boom” or sharp objects
  • “quadra boob”: Fashion crime if there ever was one
  • “make up tips for chinky eyes”: Yikes, I wouldn’t quite have worded it that way myself…
  • “why dont ducks tell jokes whilst flying”: Whatever the punchline in, I bet it’s awful
  • “im fat”: Join the club!
  • “how to make a move on a girl”: If you’re counting on Google or my blog for help on this, you’re screwed, mate!
  • “girls 10-13 advice on having your own business”: A lemonade stand maybe?
  • “canadian chav pictures”: In Canada, we generally just call them white trash…
  • “i want to purchase some womens ugg boots where can i find them”: The “Ugg boots”-related searches are frighteningly high this year. It’s too late to save the world, I’m sorry.
  • “photos of people wearing ugg boots with leggings”: Urgh is it two-for-one at the Fashion Crimes Homestore?
  • “jade goody stairs in your eyes”: Ouch, watch out for splinters
  • “funny but not rude digestion songs”: Digestion song that doesn’t involve farting? Then what’s the point!?
  • “brain reading ipod”: So THAT’s what Apple is releasing next? And here we were, thinking it was going to be a new phone…
  • “6 boobed girl”: Wow, that’s got to be even more painful than quadraboobs
  • “from the 13th of december how many days until christmas”: How lazy are some people?!
  • “crap towns the nation decides croydon”: Have to agree on this one!
  • “blow up doll jason donovan”: Leaving us all with a disturbing mental picture…

2 thoughts on “Funny Google Searches: "Looking Back at 2006" Edition

  1. Knight of Croydonia

    Very funny. Croydon is actually quite good away from the 60’s architecture but we like people to think its crap. Sort of the opposite to Cambridge really. 😉

    Why dont ducks tell jokes whilst flying? Because they would quack up…

    Why do Seagulls have wings?

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