Torchwood Season I Finale: Jan 1st 9.30pm

It’s a two-episode finale, and we’ll be recording it. Just a note to others to Sky Plus it, since the Series Link seems to have failed. For those who have yet to take the time to appreciate quite how good Torchwood is, why not make this your first encounter with Jack Harkness?

In other Torchwood news, John Barrowman has now tied the knot with Scott Gill, his partner of 16 years in a civil ceremony in Cardiff. Surely won’t stop the girls from swooning over him (or won’t stop me, anyways!) 😉

And in somewhat related news, Andrew and I watched the whole first season of Doctor Who over the past few days, catching up on all the Christopher Eccleston & Billie goodness we missed out on in 2005! We’ve seen most of Season II, but bought it anyways for later viewing.

And now, time to look forward to Dr. Who Season III, which should start some time in the Spring. A new assistant for the Doctor, and some more Dalek action confirmed! EXTERMIIIINAAAATE! EXTERMIIIINAAAATE!

These are what I call great British productions – and a great Canadian collaboration in the case of Torchwood!

6 thoughts on “Torchwood Season I Finale: Jan 1st 9.30pm

  1. Bimble

    Having watched the last two episodes last night (only have BBC2) I agree, they were really very good episodes, though how the script writers resisted the urge for Jack to say; “I bloody well told you so!!” at the end of ‘End of Days’ I do not know!!

  2. jon

    too much gay stuff for me though. I think they went a bit over the top, just sticking swear words in here and their to make it more `adult`

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