Five reasons to use compact fluorescent lightbulbs

This might seem like a bit of an inane topic to be posting about, but Seth got me thinking tonight. (he does that a lot…)

The reason this got me thinking is that we (my husband and I) have swapped every possible lightbulb in our house with energy saving ones, and I take such a thing for granted. However, very few people do. If every household changed a single regular lightbulb for a more energy-efficient one, it could make a significant difference.

Five reasons why we’ve moved to compact fluorescent lightbulbs

1. In the UK, they’re generally called “energy saving”. Doesn’t it give you a fuzzy feeling in your tummy to use something that’s got such a positive name yet requires so little action on your part?

2. It’s a tiny way to know you’re doing your part to save the world. My husband and I are both notoriously bad at recycling and our car is far from energy efficient, so at least it’s one small area where we can do good.

3. They save marital arguments. As Seth points out, they’re not cheaper than regular lightbulbs, and if you calculate the savings you’ll make in a year, it’s not insignificant, but it’s a drop in the ocean of your yearly spending. The reason they’re great is that they don’t burn out half as often! They last SO much longer, it allows us to avoid “Oh where the hell did you put away that box of lightbulbs THIS time?” conversation for a long time.

4. They’re kind of funky. They look a little bit odd, they sometimes come with a slightly rubbery outside, and we generally buy them at Ikea. These three things make it cool.

5. They can be left on and my OCD husband won’t worry the house is about to burn down. Enough said.

So why not make an effort to pick an energy saving lightbulb or two on your next trip down to the store? Go on, it’ll make you feel good.

3 thoughts on “Five reasons to use compact fluorescent lightbulbs

  1. Peps

    Also, I wouldnt have swapped all of the lights in our house if you could only get the original bright white energy saving bulbs. The bulbs we have are a nice warm colour, you wouldnt even know that the 5 bulbs in our lounge (3 x 4 watt ones in a single tall paper covered ikea lamp and two 5 watt ones in uplighters) only add up to 22 watts!! that would be compared to say 3*40 + 2*60 = 240 watts!

    Come on people! dont tell me that isnt outstanding!

  2. bradbury

    Your 5 reasons for using compact fluorescent light bulbs should also include two reasons Not to use them. First CFL’s contain mercury,and second they emit radiofrequency radiation and ultr-violet radiation. CFL’s do not contain diffusers which mitagate the UV, unlike incandescent bulbs which do. Use of CFL’s are making people sick and schools in the US and Canada are removing them. One California school removed CFL’s after about 40% of the students and staff become ill with headaches, insomnia, dizziness, loss of concentration. Search for info on “dirty electricity” and read recent Milham/Morgan study on Calif School. See also Unfortuanately LED’s (which do not have the hazards of CFL’s) are not ready for the residential marketyet.

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