Tip for Rayman: Raving Rabbids players

I’ve been playing Rayman: Raving Rabbids, and I’m loving its complete insanity. However, one minigame, “Bunnies have natural rhythm”, is a bit rubbish. You’re meant to kick four coloured stereos to turn them on, then get rid of the bunnies while they’re dancing. After a dozen attempts, you realise your Rayman simply isn’t kicking when he should and you’re getting seriously pissed off.

No, your Wii Remote isn’t faulty, you’re not incompetent (not really, anyways!), it’s a bug in the game. According to GameSpot, the best way to solve the problem is to change your Wii settings to 60hz*, at which point the game becomes easy again… Otherwise, you can always just skip that minigame, since you only need three minigames and one “boss” to move on.

We’re about halfway through the game, I think, and I feel this is a bit like a school play – everything early in the play is well-rehearsed and nobody makes any mistakes, but the end of it hasn’t had its share of attention and rehearsal, things are more improvised and flukey the closer to the end it gets.

Did anyone else get this impression?

[* It’s my understanding this only affects those playing on 50hz tvs]

12 thoughts on “Tip for Rayman: Raving Rabbids players

  1. Mike

    Hey, nice blog.

    I found this page coz I ‘m randomly looking for tips n tricks in order to improve my score. I(25) bought the game a week ago and my gf(23) and I brought it up to 40% completion.
    It was funny reading about your ‘bunnies have natural rhythm’ frustration as I went through the same. I found a very veryyyyy unorthodox way of completing that game and I bet it can be used for the sequel of this mini-game. Whenever I was swinging I was also pausing the game with the ‘+’ sign and then resuming whilst still swinging the ‘mote like crazy. Believe it or not it worked and I wiped them off the screen in 35″. Will I ever play this mini-game again….well you know the answer to that one.

    Post more tips if possible, besides the ‘timing your kick’ on the bunnies cant play soccer or something like that 🙂 which other sites have posted



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  3. liam

    my brother is on the game right now and we are both gettin realy ticked off at that bunnies have rhythm level, so i just searched the net for answers and thankfully have found this site. so now we know because i was about to throw the controller out of the door and run over it. lol 🙂

  4. Tig


    I had the same problem as you but on “Bunnies have natural rhythm 2”, the first one I could beat it. I solved the problem buying the Wii component cable and changing the Wii options to HDMI.

  5. Kat

    But does anyone know how Bunnies are heartless at pigs work? the one that you’ve listen to the pig’s screams? I passed it once but used nearly 50 seconds…didn’t know how I passed it,either..the piglet screams at whatever path I choose!

  6. Dave

    We’re a bit late to the party but that 60Hz tip for “Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm” saved me from my girlfriend going insane. Thanks!

  7. Stephan

    Thanks so much people. Was going insane trying to complete this level. Does anyone know what you miss if you dont change it to 60hz?

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