New plugin: Technorati tags

Using categories for blog posts is a nightmare: You start off with a generic category name, then you’re tempted to split it into multiple categories, at which point you realise said category contains 428 posts begging to be reorganised. So you promptly give up on reorganising the categories and go play Wii, or eat a cookie, or something.

So I’ve adopted a new little plugin for WordPress called SimpleTags. It makes it easy to add Technorati tags to the bottom of a post, and can also be used to create a tag cloud. Sure, tag clouds are oh-so-2006, but they’re also an interesting way to see what I’ve been blabbing about recently.

We’ll see about the tag cloud later, since I’ve got a stinking head cold, which makes it hard to even keep my eyes open, but the plugin was drag and drop, so that’s in use already.

2 thoughts on “New plugin: Technorati tags

  1. pa

    J’aurais besoin d’un prendre plus de temps pour faire le classement sur mon Mac gris (soupir)..

    Sur un ordre d’idée..Catou a l’air d’une belle ‘chipmunk’, après son opération pour les dents de sagesse lundi matin! C’est pénible, 8 tylenol 3 par jour et des antibiotiques..Caples a ‘insisté’ pour les 2 dents supérieurs ..J’espère qu’elle va récupérer rapidement..On la dorlote à la maison.

  2. Hal

    Oh, I loath those tag clouds. Worst thing about “Web 2.0” in my opinion. They work on the assumption that the most popular thing is the thing you are most interested in, which is in itself a pernicious assumption.

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