Lush rumours

Thought I’d post this to let the girls know… Lush*, who usually make funky soaps and can cause a cloud of girly candyfloss smell to take over a mile ’round every one of its shops, is opening a few spas across the UK. No details as far as locations go, but the goss from the shop girls is that they will open in the Spring-Summer.

Another little notice to Lush fans is that their whole Ginger range is being discontinued very soon, so if you’re a big fan of it (I’m not, but I know some who are) get it while it’s still around. It’ll be replaced by another full range of no-doubt lovely-and-hippie-smelling fragrances.

So yup, that’s it for my ickle Lush update.

[* I apologise on the behalf of their website. It’s less ugly than the old one, but could still do with some improvements. I’d kill to do that website…]

2 thoughts on “Lush rumours

  1. Liz

    Ooo Lush Spa’s heaven!! Agreed about their website it’s just awful. You should send them a mock up of what you would do 🙂

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