PCs try to get back at Macs

The well-publicised campaigns by Apple to promote the Mac as an enjoyable platform to use at home was recently crowned off by a dig at Vista’s security system.

I’m a Mac fangirl through and through. You can’t get your first Mac at the age of something like five, and not be a natural Mac user all your life. However, the past couple of days, some anti-Mac comments have really tickled me and made me laugh. One was a genuine, gotta-love-these-videos kind of laughter: Videos made in the Mac vs PC style but turning the tables around. “Are you high?”

The other giggle was provided by an article by Charlie Brooker of the Guardian’s Comment Is Free, subtly titled “I Hate Macs”, which tickled me in a different kind of way. I’m not sure whether Charlie is dense, close-minded or just looking for a quick traffic spike to his blog. What do you think? Either way, I’m not terribly impressed by his argument, and I feel that one can happily use both Mac and Windows on a daily basis without the need to cause a widespread online crisis.

Why do people have such an urge to stick to one camp or the other? I feel they each have their value (for example, I’ll openly admit that Office on Mac is lacking in certain areas… Like Excel translating date fields incorrectly and telling me we’re in 2011, forcing me to put together some reports on Windows. Or Entourage feeling like I’m dragging a dead elephant along, yet Mail.app not being robust enough for the purposes of 10 squillion subfolders)

It doesn’t matter which OS you use, computers will never be faultless. As long as they get me through the day and there’s some new shiny things to look at, I’m happy enough.

5 thoughts on “PCs try to get back at Macs

  1. Mathew Patterson

    I’m pretty sure Charlie was on a John Dvorak style troll for traffic, which probably worked.

    I like the UK version of the pie-chart Mac vs PC add better than the US one, because you don’t hear ‘shenanigans’ on TV enough these days.

  2. pearl

    The biggest reason for me to stick to PC is the pricetag (for both the initial system + externals).

    Which sort of leads into choice… more choices for software and for hardware, since some many more people develop for a PC verus Mac.

    For example, I’ve got a mini tablet PC that runs Windows XP Tablet Edition. And while I love to bash Microsoft as much as the next guy, this baby’s got *wicked* handwriting recognition. (I’m pretty sure Apple hasn’t gotten into the tablet market yet?)

    But times are a changing, especially since MacBooks are getting cheaper and some Macs ship with Bootcamp now….

  3. Vero

    Mat – Couldn’t agree more, the word “shenanigans” makes me laugh. But I also can’t type it without having to correct my spelling at least 5 times.

    Darren – Welcome then 🙂 Gotta love del.icio.us for helping us find all sorts of random blogs!

    Pearl – More than fair points on why you’re using a PC instead, and that’s why I don’t think everyone needs to be in the same camp, it’s really whatever works for each one of us!

    And as for using Windows on a Mac, I much prefer Parallels to Bootcamp, as it allows you to run the Windows apps without rebooting (much better for browser testing websites!)

  4. Psymonj

    Sorry to revive this thread but I genuinely think you missed the point of Brooker’s post.

    It employs sarcasm and surrealism to mask exactly how dull a subject the comparrison is.
    I agree in full regarding the Fisher-Price activity centres. Mac OS’s interface is made with the least amount of thinking and productivity in mind. Watching colleagues use them, I see a lot of inspiration but very little productivity. Mind you, how could they get anything done in between waiting for the icon to stop spinning and synching their iTunes libraries…

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