Nabaztag does YouTube

Subliminal messages in this video:

  1. Bunnies are sentient beings (and they’re evil, just look at the Raving Rabidds for example!)
  2. Donate to Comic Relief, even Keira the bunny contributed by buying a big red nose… ear… thing…
  3. Giving the bunny’s email address to my nutty old housemate was a bad idea. (This one’s not so subliminal, it’s more like… abusive!)

One response to “Nabaztag does YouTube

  1. : All you need to play with your Nabaztag and custom the Smart wifi Rabbit of Violet. API &
    coding resources and samples to have fun with Nabaztag, the Wifi Rabbit created by Violet.
    Nice and pretty Tshirts and goodies are in the nabzshirts shops : and

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