Wine Relief: The first cross-blog auction?

crossblogauction_hughredose_350.jpgHugh McLeod, of gapingvoid fame, and Tim Atkin, of virtual wine, have come up with my favourite fundraising idea of all times: A cross-blog auction for one of Hugh’s cartoons and a selection of wines from Tim’s cellar. Cool cartoon and nice booze, how can one go wrong?

If your pockets permit, go have a look at the wine selection and make your bid. Last time I checked, they were up to £300, and we’re still nearly a week away from closing date!

Otherwise, if your pockets aren’t so deep, why not buy a Charlie & Lola book or a red nose instead? It’s all in the spirit of Comic Relief!

3 thoughts on “Wine Relief: The first cross-blog auction?

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  2. Jason

    Hi there Canadian Girl, love your site! Jason from Virtual Wine here. Just letting your readers know that but we’re now up to £350, which is still fantastics value for these great prizes. So do your bit for Wine Relief and Red Nose Day and get your vote in this week! Have a great day! Jason

  3. Vero

    Thanks Jason, so pleased this is working out well!

    You know I love the UK for charity events – there aren’t as many as in Canada (or the US, I assume), but they’re well thought out, they’re funny and they’re enticing, as opposed to 24 hour telethons where they highjack the airwaves and show local “talent” howling their favourite song into a cheap microphone!

    Good luck and I’ll post again on Friday to cover all the cool fundraising events of the week!

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