I ate all the ice cream

I must publicly apologise for eating all the Skinny Cow “Truly Lovin’ Toffee” ice cream this evening. Otherwise Andrew will take my blog down again and display the following message:

“Sorry, thatcanadiangirl.co.uk is offline temporarily as Vero ate all of the toffee ice cream. It will return as soon as she makes it up to me.”

Sorry, I was too busy paying attention to David Tennant and Martha Jones, followed by John Barrowman and Andrew Lloyd Webber (pick the ugly one out of the four…)

Proof that you shouldn’t mess your other half around (especially when they know web shites better than you do!)

One thought on “I ate all the ice cream

  1. Pa

    Is this a case of ‘violence conjugale’??? We will be watching for signs of agreessive ‘virtual’ behaviour….By the way I found a Disney souvenir, the flashlight-like M Mouse head with crystals in water..it lite up after 10 years??? A sign that good times live long ( and prosper) in our hearts…Happy Easter…and peace in the house of Peps!

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