The Apprentice: What a bunch of incompetent twits

I’ve just finished watching last week’s The Apprentice where Alan Sugar set the two teams the task of making as much money as possible in a single day, giving them £200 as starting funds.

The girls decided to do face painting, which is a ridiculous idea outside of town fairs and birthdays, and then moved on to kissograms in the evening – a real class act! They made £65 profit.

The boys did some garden maintenance (how much must equipment rental have cost?!), followed by a singogram service ’round the pubs. They made £189 profit.

For god’s sake, they’d probably make more money panhandling or selling the Big Issue on a street corner!

I think it’s disgraceful that these are the best businesses these supposed professionals could think of. A single day of trading or running an affiliate site online would probably make them loads more than the measly amounts they made, but even baking cookies would make more revenue and be less embarrassing than resorting to kissograms!

I’ll probably watch The Apprentice until the end of the season now, just to see whether it gets any better. Hopes are low…

2 thoughts on “The Apprentice: What a bunch of incompetent twits

  1. nobby

    Who are the yuppie toerags who want to go on The Apprentice, though? I wouldn’t give them a job stacking tins in Tesco’s

  2. Alex Biddle

    Seen the latest episode?

    It really makes me wonder; why on earth did they put those hundreds-and-thousands in the lollies?

    Also I thought it was awful to do that hard-sell on the child, then make the parent pay for the chocolate, lest risk a tantrum.

    I strongly disagree with Alan Sugar when he said that basically you had to discard ethics when it came to business. This simply isn’t the case, for instance FairTrade and the Cooperative and M & S and the environment. The 80s “Loadsamoney” days are in the past.

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