Warning: Blogging can result in losing your job or…

You know how they always say “Watch what you blog about, you might get dooced?” I was never one to really listen to that nonsense, and felt blogging was a great outlet for personal woes and tales, as well as professional or work-related riffs.

No, don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you I got fired over something I said on my blog. (Though it’d be a shot at 15 minutes of online fame!) Quite the opposite in fact.

Five years of standing on my soapbox babbling on about everything and nothing has served an unexpected purpose, as I’ve just been offered a job as blogger for a new and exciting mobile product launching soon. Whodathunk, unh?

I’ll have more to say about the company itself over the next few weeks and months, but first, I must wrap up work and pack up from Active Hotels, where I spent the past two years doing business development, on-site and email marketing, for better or for worse. I’m leaving behind a great bunch of people, but I’ve learned a whole lot in those two years.

It’s been a week since I’ve announced it in the office, yet the upcoming change is starting to really hit me now that I’m telling the outside world.

I have my fingers crossed that this change on the horizon will be a great one. It feels like the right time to be cracking into some new projects, and to be able to scratch two things from my living to-do list in one shot isn’t a bad job!

A few last thoughts via hugh’s cartoons:

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