The end of an era (sort of)

Hard to believe that today was my last day after nearly two years at my current job. It was a good two years, if a bit rocky by moments (ie. being made redundant then taken back on board with a different role last year amongst other things) but I’ve learned truckloads and met some fab people.

Now, I’ve got three days to wind down, attempt to chill out a bit before The Great First Day at The New Job. Some people say I should’ve taken a few days just to have a gap between the two, but 1. I’m too curious, can’t wait to start and find out what it’s all about and 2. I’d end up being restless at home!

It was a nutty week, so I’ll make the most of those three days (read: catch up with some reading, sleep lots, slob around in comfortable clothes) and then on with the new job!

For now, I need an early night.

3 thoughts on “The end of an era (sort of)

  1. pa

    Hey.. something for Saturday evening..Senators 3 play the Devils 1 in a best of 4 final.. if Senators win…This could be the best game of the year..and the 3rd one I watch.(I like Sens and Stanley Cup playoofs, that it)..

  2. Sue

    Hi Vero
    I hope the first day was not too daunting. Let me know when you’re ready for meeting up after work sometime & we can catch up.

  3. Guillaume

    Hi Vero,

    Congratulations for this new exciting opportunity.

    I am happy to see that new type of roles have been created for bloggers like you.

    Let me know how it goes.



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