Twitter goes mobile

Finally, Twitter has become usable online via your mobile. Visiting lets you see the latest rants by your Twitter friends. I’m surprised this wasn’t available from the start, but better late that never.

I think it’d be even better if the non-mobile-specific Twitter website used your browser agent to gauge which version to present you with. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

[Via Crunchgear]

One thought on “Twitter goes mobile

  1. Ade

    I passionately hate websites that think they know better than me what sort of content/layout/styles to present – especially on mobile devices. The BBC is the worst example of this, it drives me up the wall! Google’s nearly as bad – if I use my (fully featured) browser on my phone, its results page links to squeezed, useless versions of the result webpages. Useless. This is obviously partly because I use the latest phones, sometimes even pre-release, so maybe their databases aren’t up-to-date. But I think in general it’s a bad policy as you can never be fully aware of all the browsers out there. So there. Rant over 🙂

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