All Peep Show'ed out

I think this weekend, Andrew and I have achieved Peep Show* overdose. On Thursday night, we started watching the first series, which star David Mitchell and Robert Webb**, the two guys from the recent UK Apple adverts. From thereon, it was a downward spiral until the end of the third season on Sunday afternoon!

Mitchell & WebbSymptoms of Peep Show overdose include talking to yourself in an inner monologue and mentally picturing David Mitchell‘s little beady hamster eyes, hearing him swear to himself that he’s going to screw things up with Sophie again.

Peep Show is probably on par with some of the best British humour, it’s a shame that it isn’t better recognized. I’d classify along the lines of Spaced, another under appreciated in British comedy.

So for now, I don’t really want to see any more of Mark and Jez, but I’m sure once I digest so much of that raw humour, I’ll go check out their new movie “Magicians”, though the reviews are a bit lukewarm at the moment.

[* No, mom. Peep Show isn’t some pervy show, it’s just some great British humour. Well, not really pervy anyways.]
[** He so doesn’t look like a “Robert” to me.]

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