A truly mesmerising ad

I usually get aggravated by websites that force their music and animations onto you, especially without giving a pause, stop or, at the very least, a mute button.

This ad is completely different. It’s Audi’s latest A5 advert, and the music and animation are both completely mesmerising.

Audi A5 advert

Have a look and let me know what you think…

[Edit: I just found another version of it, higher quality and slightly different ending on Beam TV via Phatlee]

3 thoughts on “A truly mesmerising ad

  1. Alex Biddle

    It is quite lovely, though the bitrate of the music on the Audi site could be higher.

    I also love the “England vs. France” one (pure sex). Lately for me it has been the VW Golf “Night Driving” with Richard Burton’s rendition of “Under Milk Wood”. Brought back memories of the very unusual, mesmerising play.

  2. Darren

    The music is by Dustin O’halloran and was specially created for Audi. I dont know the track name but apparently it will be released on itunes soon. He also made the music for “marie antoinette” by S.Coppolla which was out last year.

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