Joost: Party's over, we're pulling the plug

Everyone’s having kittens over getting an invite to Joost these days, with it being one of the most coveted invite-only beta of the moment, and apparently the greatest thing since caramel popcorn.

Joost Beta logo

I’ve had an invite for a few weeks now, and expectations were very high when I first joined. I was less than overwhelmed by it when I first tried it, mostly due to Pipex throttling any P2P connections on suspicion of being illegal activity. Of course, I keep promising myself I’ll go give it another spin very soon from another location, so I may have a more interesting review at a later date.

I found Last100’s comment very interesting on the fact that three hours a month is all some users would get out of Joost:

With an ever greater amount of video being consumed online, many Internet users are in for a shock. There’s a dirty little secret in the broadband industry: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t have the capacity to deliver the bandwidth that they claim to offer. One way ISPs attempt to conceal this problem is to place a cap of say 1GB per-month per user, something which is common in the UK for many of the lower-cost broadband packages on the market. Considering that a mere three hours viewing of Joost (the new online video service from the founders of Skype — see our review) would all but use up this monthly allowance, it’s clear that lots of Internet users aren’t invited to the party.

We all knows ISPs are cheapskates and the fineprint surrounding “unlimited bandwidth” offers always includes a fair use clause and the most frustrating right to throttle connections. Clearly, it appears that the way ISPs define “fair use” differs from my definition or yours.

As far as I’m concerned, fair use should not allow my ISP deciding whether or not the P2P activity occurring on my connection is necessarily illegal filesharing. Joost uses P2P technology to enable faster download speeds and decentralised sharing, but ISPs like Pipex take all the fun out of it.

So the Web 2.0 party is here, but the bouncers have decided not being let me in because I might be dodgy. Looks like I might need to fire that bouncer…

[Via Vecosys]

2 thoughts on “Joost: Party's over, we're pulling the plug

  1. Paul

    Unfortunately, available bandwidth is limited and demand for it is increasing exponentially. Soon, that free Internet TV is not going to worth it even for those who used to have unlimited bandwidth access.


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