Five reasons Facebook is probably worth paying attention to

Facebook LogoA few weeks ago, Facebook wasn’t really on my radar. I knew it was a slightly-less-young version of MySpace, but didn’t think much of it, and didn’t know more than a handful of people using it.

But somehow, it must’ve hit critical mass in the past few weeks, because this has all changed very quickly!

Five reasons Facebook is probably worth paying attention to

  • You find out your sister has a new boyfriend through one of her Facebook updates;
  • You manage to find your favourite childhood babysitter’s Facebook profile, and turns out she has a 2 year old boy;
  • Your teenage cousin who’s made herself scarce at family parties in the past few years decides to actually acknowledge you and write on your Wall;
  • You read your two best developer friends’ Twitters and find out they’re both developing their own proof of concept Facebook application;
  • Out of nowhere, old acquaintances email you to find out if you’re on Facebook (because then they don’t feel so guilty for not having asked how you were doing for the past few years).

I still feel that Facebook only brings a perceived sense of proximity and closeness, but it’s better than nothing and it’s been a fun ride so far. Fifty-eight friends in just over a week, including some people I haven’t spoken to in years, not bad going!

Once the Friends Reunited generation catches on to Facebook, it’ll most likely go through another huge bout of growth since, as I understand it, there is a cost to be put in contact with friends you’ve found on Friends Reunited. Why pay when there’s a clean, lean alternative like Facebook?

3 thoughts on “Five reasons Facebook is probably worth paying attention to

  1. pa

    A father’ point of view…I understand that with Facebook, you know who is at the other end and/or there is a picture of the ‘friend’. I read that MySpace is trying to allow legal investigations by opening their servers to some form of search warrants or inquiries against predators on the prowl..I think this should be allowed considering the dangers of false identity… Without doing the China police witch hunt…

  2. ...cultural snafu.

    Facebook is just a combination of the worst parts of a chat room, with the laziest applications of a blog… MySpace, despite being owned by FOX/NewsCorp, I kind of get. There’s room for eccentricity and individuality. But Facebook… I get to send messages to someone I should already have in my email contacts, have all kinds of people tell me what they’re doing this weekend and post photos I probably shouldn’t put online all while ignoring some ass I tried to forget ten years ago who keeps asking me to join his/her Friends Group… buy a phone, make sure you’re listed, start a decent blog and by virtue of Natural Selection rely on your intelligent “lost-contact” friends to perform a Google search on you.

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