The Buzz Machine: (Mostly) Mobile Apps Edition

At the moment, there are so many fabulous apps and websites I’m spending my life discovering, I just don’t have the time to write about all of them. So here’s a short snapshot of some of this wonderful stuff.

  • Google Reader Mobile: Until recently, I was smugly using NetNewsWire for RSS reading. However, when I started regularly using two laptops to read my RSS, I realised NNW was doing a very poor job of synchronizing the read and flagged items. Having given Google Reader a try in the past, I thought I’d give it a second chance – being web-based, it was bound to be better in terms of synched content on both computers. At the same time, I received a brand new N95 phone and needed a mobile RSS reader, for which Google Reader Mobile does a great job. AND at the same time, Google announced Gears, allowing for offline use. So long story short, I think I’m in love with Google Reader!
  • Wapedia: Wikipedia is the answer to all pub quiz questions, but unfortunately, sneaking your laptop into the pub quiz might get you noticed and promptly punished (See what we do to cheaters at pub quizzers). Wapedia is the best mobile version of Wikipedia around, so while I can’t guarantee you won’t get caught and publicly shamed for cheating, you’ll look like the smartest quiz buff around until then!
  • Youtube Mobile: It’s finally happened. YouTube had a holding page on for the past few weeks, but the curtain has now been lifted. According to Engadget Mobile, “several hundred” videos – the editors’ picks – are available for mobile viewing, and you can’t log in with your username to view your subscriptions, but it’ll happen, all in due time, I’m sure. Go on, go have a look at and kiss your productive afternoon goodbye!
  • Facebook Mobile: I’m thrilled to see that the Facebook team have done a good job of their mobile version, available at They’ve really picked up the essence of the service, providing the most useful features on the mobile site, without weighing it down with the stuff that can wait until you’re back at the desktop. Another addiction going mobile.
  • Skitch: Ok this one isn’t a mobile app, but it’s too good to pass. I can’t find the words to describe Skitch. It’s a screenshot, image editing app that’s currently in beta, and having had it for a few days, I now wonder how I ever lived without it. It makes the resizing, annotating and upload process SO incredibly easy! I’m not sure how/where I’ll get invites, but if I find where my invites are, let me know if you’d like one. (Otherwise, add plasq as a Twitter friend. Plasqy sockpuppet occasionally feels generous and sends invites around.)

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