Getting through 127 RSS feeds a day

While I may not have as many RSS feeds to read as Scoble does, I crunch through my fair share of blog posts and news every day. I’ve already mentioned how much I love Google Reader, but again, it’s impressed me by its simplicity.

If you’d like to see which items I’ve read and have found worth sharing, visit this URL and sign up for the feed (how meta!). I expect it’ll focus around mobile web, gadgets and technology, with the occasional geek marketing post (probably by the wonderful Tara) and lolcats.

When I upgrade to WP 2.2 (which I haven’t done yet, how disgraceful!), it’ll become my blogroll in the sidebar for ease of browsing.

Think I’m missing out on any essential feeds? I’m always up for new reading material so drop me a line and I’ll have a look – Mobile, Apple and Marketing related blogs particularly welcome.

5 thoughts on “Getting through 127 RSS feeds a day

  1. David Armstrong

    I got so addicted about a year ago, we made our own service and it now makes money..who knew? You can use search tools (google/yahoo/msn) and blog search tools (technorati, bloglines, google, etc) and group and export them as a single feed associated with a keyword(s). Damn…it saves time and you can find cool stuff without that eye flutter filtering and the guilt of maybe missing something. Helped me find you….cool.

  2. Vero

    Thanks for the comments, guys!

    Tara – The other half creates blog designs for me. We can’t take credit for the header though, we picked an inspiring image for the header and based the rest of the blog design around it. It’s what we’ve been doing for the past 4 designs (roughly one new design a year I think!)

    Matt – I don’t see my blog in there, I’m offended! 😉

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