Tomorrow, the iPhone will change the world

On the eve of the launch of the iPhone in the US, I thought I’d finally come out clean with my views on it.

[Yes, I know you’re all sick to death of hearing about the iPhone, but bear with me; I’ve been quiet about it since the day it was announced, and even today, I haven’t completely made up my mind on how I feel about it, and I need to verbalise my thoughts.]

It’s going to be a shiny, sleek and unique gadget. It’s going to take the world by storm, and wallets by the throat. We’re all going to drool over it, have a flick at the screen and a poke at the SDK (well not me, but you know…) Oh and we’re going to hear about it for a few more bloody months…

I want to wish the iPhone into being as good as we all hope it will be, but I can’t help but have some reservations.

First, that’s one great big screen to try and protect. Don’t know about you, but my phone, my keys and my lipglosses often have happy little tea parties in the bottom of my handbag, and I’m not sure the iPhone would be keen on the company. Granted the plastic screen has been replaced with a tougher glass one, but even while protected in a big iPod sock-type-thing, it’s a big screen against which pressure can be applied by a not-so-careful owner.

Also, the battery life is bound to be pretty poor with such a screen to power, regardless of their claims (scroll down this article for the comparison). I already found Shitbrick* and my N95 to suck the life out of the battery something senseless the moment I used the web browser, so while they’ve upped the claimed battery life, I struggle to believe that it’ll really be that great.

But my main concern is really, honestly… just how long it’ll be before I can get my greasy mitts on an iPhone… Not necessarily OWN one, but have a good little play for a few days and decide whether we’re made for each other.

Until then, however, I’m thoroughly enjoying the company of my wonderful and versatile N95. *cradles N95 in her arms* Don’t worry you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, little thing! It’s lived up to expectations, and continued to amaze me. Will the iPhone also live up to expectations?

Well, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning, won’t we?

[* That’s the loving name I gave to my N70 after it started throwing a wobbly at random, telling me to “Close down applications. Running out of memory!” when nothing was open, then being too busy throwing that wobbly to let me calm it down. What a pile of crap, paperweight at best!]

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow, the iPhone will change the world

  1. Ade

    It’s quite interesting being in the mobile phone industry and wondering what effect it will have. My thoughts here. Interestingly, the battery life on the iPhone is genuinely supposed to live up to the claims – and I’m sure it will spank that of the N95!

  2. Liz

    I totally agree, I love my N73 and I’m very jealous that you have an N75 🙂 But I’ve trashed the screen on mine with keys and general handbag crap, not to mention the smudging of makeup which makes it all yucky! If I had done that to an iphone, I think I’d cry.

    Also what’s with the 2mb camera? I think I’m going to wait for iphone 2.0 which will no doubt have been battery life, camera and 3G.

  3. Alex Biddle

    I find photos of people camping outside Apple shops a bit sad, the same with all the other people who camp outside for x gadget. It’s sort of a sad indictment on our Western consumer society.

    My gadgetry extends to a small, cheap, phone and an ancient (but also small) MiniDisc player and an aging (but good quality) Canon digital camera. They have the advantage over the latest and greatest in that they’re entirely expendable (though that’s not to say I’m careless with them).

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