Taptu goes beta

Monday morning in the quiet town of Chaverhole Haverhill, the local pikeys residents suspected nothing. Little did they know, they were about to witness the most flagrant act of self-promotion ever seen on thatcanadiangirl.

Taptu Mobile Search & ShareYes, let the proud bragging North American in me come out and shamelessly promote the awesome mobile search & share engine that’s bubbling away in the office. If you find that going on the web on your phone is more hassle than it should be, then go sign up for the Taptu beta and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re done cookin’ it up.

We want to make the mobile web a friendlier, less clunky place to hang out. We want to give you more ways to cheat on a pub quiz find out useful information without spending hours trawling through sites that turn out to not be mobile friendly, chucking a 800kB page header your way, promptly busting your data tariff.

We also want to make the mobile web a less cliquey, nerdy place to be. If it’s easier for your friends to share new mobile links and bits of info with you, it’ll make it a whole lot more interesting, won’t it?

To put it simply, we want to open the mobile web to the rest of us.

We’ll also be launching our blog soon, so plenty more news coming soon.

Note: Don’t worry about sticking your email address in the Taptu signup – I’m the only one who’ll be handling any mailouts (along with my trusted gnomes with toothpicks, of course) so if I spam you or send unwanted mail, you can come back here and slap me. 🙂

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