iPhone: 700,000 units in its first weekend

Yes, I know, I know. More Apple news. (Sorry, it’s not over, I’ve still got to write a review of the Apple TV we bought last night!)

Whether you want an iPhone or not, whether you’re an Apple hater or fanboy, it’s impossible to deny that the iPhone’s first weekend was a commercial success. Profits of over $200 million in a weekend, and 700,000 units is a feat of organisation on Apple and AT&T’s part.

Granted, not all users managed to activate their devices immediately, but try working with hundreds of thousands of excited, impatient new users, all at once. A few issues are bound to crop up, and even the notoriously disliked AT&T operator managed to deal with most of them in a timely manner.

To top it all off, it appears that the iPhone is managing to live up to the high expectations of its users. So this strikes me as an all-round success for the Cupertino guys!

One thought on “iPhone: 700,000 units in its first weekend

  1. Will

    I’m sorry to have to disagree with you about that figure of 700.000 iPhone units sold within the first weekend of availability.

    As far as I’m aware, a more accurate figure for this period of availability does not exceed 300,000 units sold.

    Like yourself, I feel the iPhone is the bees knees and that it’s certain to be the market leader ‘ere long and I wish His Steveness success in his new venture.

    (I like you site, too, and I will be returning)

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