The girly corner of the office goes pink!

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On Monday, we had a few new starters in the office. All girls, all doing content research and all sitting in a corner that was a little bit grey.

So over lunch, they produced this very colourful creation on the most boring wall. Not sure what the boys think of the whole pink theme, but it certainly brightens up the place a little!

2 responses to “The girly corner of the office goes pink!

  1. I think is brilliant, I’d (being not that girlie) would have put some cartoon strips, something like Dilbert, and Em. So the guys could have an excuse while they stop to analyze the fabric, lol

  2. That’s exactly what I’ve started doing on the other side of the divider wall! 🙂, Dilbert and are the three main cartoons being plastered on that wall. Oh and also ones…

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