I wish I could love milk

I’ve played the Get The Glass game a number of times now, but at most, I got to the second mini-game and certainly got nowhere near finishing the game. I REALLY want to love this game, it’s got such an Incredibles feel to it, yet it’s so difficult (maybe it’s the three large wine glasses, but I’m sure I struggled when I played sober too…) that you just lose all the fun factor.

If you’ve finished this game, PLEASE tell me, so I can regain faith into online game developers and assume I’m just rubbish at them! It was developed by the Califorma Milk Developers (apparently) and it’s the sexiest board game I’ve ever come across, but it’s still pissing me off!


4 thoughts on “I wish I could love milk

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  2. Peter Vaughan

    Thanks for posting this link. I was just surfing and saw your blog and then this. What a cool game. Proof that online games are not only possible but are starting to kick serious butt. Just like you, I got sucked in, especially when foiled by those mini games. I did get to the end, but missed the final final challenge… Does wine work?

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Peter in California

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